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About Us

My feet have always smelled a little...ahem...unladylike. Sneakers, dance shoes, boots, ballet flats, heels, and, yes, even sandals all resulted in the same embarrassing odor. Years of trial and error with ineffective and masculine-scented products left my feet and shoes smelling more like a pine cone and less like a rose. With my capsule wardrobe dreams defeated, I succumbed to wearing cheap, semi-disposable footwear and sitting far away in meetings(!) to keep the stink at bay. 

Years later, I learned from a few close friends that I wasn't the only polite lady with this decidedly impolite problem. Though rarely a topic for girls' night out, if you have feet and you wear shoes, it turns out that you probably have stinky feet too! This discovery set off months of research until I finally found a gentle, long-lasting solution that not only neutralizes foot and shoe odor, but feels luxurious and feminine, too. And Tenacious Soles Deodorant Dusting Powder was born. 

Now with Tenacious Soles cheering me on, I can spend a day at work in my most sophisticated heels then dance the night away (literally) with confidence. Our footcare products keep me on my feet for life’s less glamourous activities, too, like going for a run or chasing a toddler!

Try us out and start putting your best foot forward, too!

Founder, Tenacious Soles

Founder, Tenacious Soles foot care solutions